Doug Butchy Bio

Doug graduated from Youngstown State University in 2002 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, and is currently persuing a Master’s Degree in Music Education. He has studied saxophone with recording artists James Umble, Kent Englehardt, and Joshua Redman. Doug has also performed with many artists including The Manhattan Transfer, The Temptations, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, The Mamas and the Papas, Wayne Newton, Marie Osmond, and jazz artists Conrad Herwig, Kenny Burrell and Maynard Ferguson. He has also performed with the Youngstown Symphony Orchestra, and the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra. His album credits include the Downbeat Magazine award-winning “Biddle-De-Bop” by the YSU Jazz Ensemble, “Standard Fare” by Brass Taxi, and “The Way You Move Me” by Christian artist, Jordan Biel. Doug also serves as a guest clinician and soloist throughout the region. He is currently the Director of Bands in the Sharon City School District, and a private saxophone and clarinet teacher.


7 thoughts on “Doug Butchy Bio

  1. Doug – I dodn’t have your number but I would like to know if you are interested in playing at Buhl Day again this year. Please let me know or 724-342-1771. Thank you. Tom Fowler

  2. Doug – You don’t happen to know Shawn Vondran, do you? He graduated from YSU in ’05 with a Masters in Instrumental Conducting, so I’m not sure; you may have missed him.

    At any rate… I love your blog! Great ideas and good insight! Thanks for what you bring to the table!


  3. Mr. Butchy-

    I’m a music ed student at the University of West Georgia. You’re blog is really cool. I came across it googling stuff about marching band. You graduated from Youngstown in 2002 with a degree in music? Do you know a guy named Boh?

    -Jon Christian

  4. Hello Doug,
    I have seen your video of Buhl Park with the Phantom 3, it was very nice. I had a Phantom 2 and now have the Phantom 4 and am looking for a easy (if there is such a thing) editing app. I’m currently still struggling with GoPro Studio since I had the GoPro Hero 3 on the Phantom 2. I have also just received my FAA certification for remote pilot under part 107. I would really appreciate chatting with you sometime. I live in Hartford, OH. am also a graduate of YSU, and an OH. & PA. licensed real estate broker.

  5. Hi Tony –

    I was not a fan of the GoPro studio either. I just import from the sd card into iMovie on the mac and that works great. Not sure if you’re using mac or windows, though.

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